Love dubstep? Get down on our DATSIK giveaway powered by AEG Live Rocky Mountains 🙂 The Ninja Nation Tour is hitting Denver, Colorado on Saturday, February 4th at the 1st Bank Center. The event also features GZA with full live band, Crizzly, Protohype, Party Thieves, and Virtual Riot. What a lit lineup we couldn’t be more excited to support this show! Doors open at 6 pm get there early so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Datsik recently released a sick EP entitled “Sensei” check the dope tracks below to get yourself pumped for the upcoming performance. Protohype also released a sick track with Excision a few months ago. Don’t forget to listen to “Are You Ready?” 

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After spending many years working with kick-ass solopreneurs in the home fragrance and anti-aging industries, I no longer doubt the power of social selling. I’ve seen these women build teams with hundreds of members, travel across the world, and earn extravagant gifts.

As we speak, I’m strategizing with a current client about ways to improve sales and recruitment so she can qualify for an all-expense paid African Safari. Yes, the products and incentives are great but what draws savvy professionals to social selling is the flexibility and freedom in lifestyle.

Safety is not in the vocabulary of an entrepreneur. These individuals choose a different path where hours and salary are anything but pre-determined. Skills are created and honed through one’s drive. It’s a dream embedded in us, being a business owner, and a process made more attainable through social selling models. Yes, I have often watched in awe of what these clients have accomplished without finding one that actually fit me until now.

Photo Courtesy of Healthy Headie

I discovered Healthy Headie while scrolling through Facebook in an article by 5280 Magazine entitled “The Mary Kay of MJ.” The piece grabbed my attention instantly as I thought, “Are we to this point? Are suburban soccer moms gathered around a table of cannabis products instead of Tupperware, makeup, and clothing?” I thought to myself, “Healthy Headie is a social selling copmany that could feed my passions.”

While reading the article one line stood out, a quote from Becca Foster.

“I knew I wanted to help women learn more about cannabis.”

A simple sentence that in a sense sums up what I’ve always wanted to do. Scrolling through the Healthy Headie website I see products I want to use. How refreshing a social selling company that only provides top brands.

I instantly recognized the Volcano Digital Vaporizer a product friends and I dreamed of one day owning. While the Bee-Nail Dabbers Turbine Starter Kit puts my current rig to shame. Yes, it seems moms today can have it all and the smoking accessories to match. The quality of products and flexibility in opportunity made me want to join myself as a Brand Ambassador.


Here are my 5 Reasons to Join Healthy Headie in 2017! 


1. People BUY from People They Like, Know, and Trust.

It’s one of the oldest business sayings, and it wouldn’t be if it didn’t work. We have moved into a new era of cannabis regulation and consumption. Millennials are used to the concept of buying their cannabis products at the store and don’t face much stigma in doing so. Moms, dads, and working professionals may not have the same luxury or want to same experience.

For decades people have gathered around the table in the comfort of their home, sharing snacks and their latest business venture and today is no different. Many of your friends may be curious about trying cannabis they just need the right set and setting. Why not have it be your in-home Healthy Headie experience?

2. Join as a Brand Ambassador for FREE and EARN Today.

Dubbing the phrase “Social Selling Through Virtual Connections” Healthy Headie offers a free enrollment option for ANYONE looking to create additional income. Most of the social selling companies I’ve encountered make their business affiliates, first, pay something before generating any commission.I understand the need for initial investment since, for the most part, display products and services like workstation technology are involved. Likewise, I like that Heathy Headie gets individuals involved at every stage whether or not they want to INVEST into the company or not.

3. Movement Versus Product Focus

I’ve said this before successful social selling companies create a lifestyle around their products. When scrolling through many company pages on Facebook, I see many posts featuring products. Occasionally some leadership reads are thrown in. When scrolling through Healthy Headie’s social platforms, I see a large portion of their rhetoric centered around living a happy, healthy, entrepreneurial-based lifestyle. Pay close attention to my ordering of those words because I felt them in that order. That the happiness of their movement, followed by healthy lifestyle posts, and of course who could forget about those gorgeous vaporizers 😉

4. Represent Multiple Lines of Smoking Accessories

Every other social selling company I’ve encountered, granted I’m no expert just have several clients in this industry, sells exclusively that company’s products. They specialize in an industry and then customize items around it. There is nothing wrong with this model, but I’ve encountered lapses in quality due to it. Some products aren’t going to work, and that’s why the catalog/season changes and the item list revised.

What I like about Healthy Headie is that they AREN’T pushing a new smoking device instead they are changing HOW you buy it. Pipe shops can be uncomfortable and often come with terms you can and cannot use with other precautions. Wouldn’t you rather be in the comfort of your or a friend’s home and with a trained professional not simply an hourly employee? Yes, it truly is the grown up way to consume cannabis.

5. Build a Legacy for Yourself

We live in a new economy. An economy where you have the chance to create an income virtually from wherever you are if you have enough determination. According to an article in Forbes the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. will grow to $7.1 Billion in 2016. Click here to the article to see the other predictions since other projections are must higher and that goes without mentioning the numbers that could be predicted in 2017. It’s potentially one of largest industries of this decade. Why not be a part of changing misconception?

It’s all part of a larger movement towards acceptance and Healthy Headie understands this notion. Learn more about becoming a Brand Ambassador or Community Consultant by clicking here and start building residual income today.

Throw it back to the era of disco lights and get ready to dance all night! Spend New Year’s Eve at The Bluebird Theater with Fox Street & Friends. The theme for the evening is Boogie Nights & Blow, during the event supported by Tiger Party.

Fox Street, the group from Denver, boasts soulful rock n’ roll sound laced with three-part harmonies, guitars, soulful sax, and a funky rhythm section. Check “I Got The Feeling” for a preview of what to expect 🙂

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Blending sound and culture BoomBox comprised of producers and DJs, Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux hit the Gothic Theatre on December 29th for a 3-night run that lasts through New Year’s Eve! Who’s ready to get down to their electronic blend of vintage blues and rock?! Made to get fans moving on the dance floor they incorporate Psychedelia, Backbeat, and Funky House sounds to create their hybrid style.

Check the recommended video from AEG Live for a preview of the jams you’ll be grooving to at the event.

Like what you see? Enter our GIVEAWAY powered by AEG Live Rocky Mountains for your chance to WIN to free tickets to the concert on December 29, 2016.

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DOORS open at 8pm, BUY TICKETS by CLICKING HERE! Thanks Jennifer Bjerke Lessard for the Featured Photo at the top of our post. Can’t wait to see everyone at the show!


Silver Light Media in collaboration with Nathan Lopez Photography are excited to announce commercial branding photo shoots to ignite your social media strategy with captivating visual storytelling. Ever wish your photos could be themed to represent a particular esthetic?

Each image will tell a unique story thanks to Nathan Lopez‘s commercial photography. The landscape, portrait, wedding and event photographer specializes in black and white photography with a minimal of amount of retouch and edit and was a 2015 Exposure Awards – Feature in the Digital Gallery of Paris, France. Click Here to learn more about his work.

Each social post will reach a broader range of your target audience thanks to Aryonna Richard‘s social strategy and creative writing. Working in line with the photography Nathan captures; Aryonna’s content marketing will attract an audience, inspire a connection, and complete the storytelling experience. She’s built multiple Instagram accounts with a following of over 10K by emphasizing community engagement.

Have a unique product, service, brand or company? Let your online media reflect your vision. 

Check the marketing photos Nathan Lopez and Aryonna Richard have collaborated on since beginning projects in February of 2016.

Did you know the average person gets distracted in less than 8 SECONDS? Now more than ever each photo you post must tell a story in order to capture the attention of your audience. Inc Magazine even suggests…

An estimated 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018.” 

Their article titled “16 Eye-Popping Statistics You Need to Know About Visual Content Marketing” suggests over 80% off content is SKIMMED online and that specifically, brands need to be vigilent about shaping their online media.

Facebook posts from brands that included images earned 87 percent of all engagements.”

In today’s hyper visual world it’s more important than ever before to use marketing materials that visually brand your company. If you’re thinking okay, so where and HOW do I start the process?

It’s easier than you think with a complimenatary consultation. Schedule an appoinment to meet with the visual storytelling duo Nathan Lopez and Aryonna Richard, here, or by calling 208.284.5570. We are here for your creative branding and content maketing needs.


Did you know you can manage your Instagram Business account from Facebook?

Wait, hold up, did you miss the news that Instagram created specifically profiles for businesses? I’ll help you understand the latest changes from this visual and social powerhouse in this post.

With 500 million plus monthly active users and 95 million daily posts according to Instagram’s website this platform could help you reach more customers than before. With creativity driving the medium let users be inspired by the lighter side of your company’s story.

Businesses have been a part of Instagram’s community since the beginning showcasing services and products. If you have an Instagram profile, you are using for your business quickly convert it to a Business Profile for increased insights, analytics, and the option to run advertisements.

From your profile home page click on the option wheel at the top and click ‘Switch to Business Profile’ to convert your account. 

If you have a Facebook Business Page, your accounts will link giving you the options to run ads via Facebook Advertising. After converting your account, you’ll notice ‘View Insights’ & ‘Promote’ under each post. Click on ‘View Insights’ and you’ll see the Impressions, Reach, and Engagement for each post. Click ‘Promote’ and Instagram will open Facebook Ads giving you the option between two calls to actions.



Convert your account and understand the impact of each post.


Visit your website

Call or visit your business 

Next, you will need to select an Action Button. Click ‘Select Button Text’ to choose between:

Learn More
Watch More
Show Now
Book Now
Sign Up
Contact Us

If you follow me you know I’m active on social media. Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn I make sure to cover the basics, but my favorite social networking platform is Instagram. I fell for how creatives use it to share their inspiration, being a sucker for sick photography edits; I love the way Instagram pioneered visual storytelling.

In the last few months, Instagram upped its features. In case you haven’t noticed, Stories have been introduced and recently updated on November 10, 2016, to include Boomerang and Mentions. The platform is even starting to test links inside some stories (hint) that upgrade may be coming for everyone shortly.


This feature lets you turn any moment into something unique. You don’t even have to leave the app, take a Boomerang inside Instagram. Swipe right from your feed, and you’ll be able to open the camera used to share a story. If you are familiar with sharing stories, you’ll notice a new format picker that lets you select Boomerang mode. Tap to record and the camera will put a series of photos into a movie that plays backward and forwards.


Already a staple, if you’re used to sharing updates on Instagram. Now the app lets you share who you’re with just mention them in your story. Mentions in stories work the same way they do in captions and comments. After adding text to your story type “@” followed by a username, then select the person you would like to mention in the post. The username will appear underlined when the link is clickable. Click the user mentioned, and you’ll see a pop-up appear that takes you to their profile.

The person mentioned in the story will also receive a notification via Direct Message that they were mentioned in someone else’s story. Tap the preview button to go to the story for as long as it’s live. If you are mentioned by someone who doesn’t follow you, the notification will appear via Message Requests.

Coming Soon

The ‘See-More’ Link Feature is now appearing in select stories. Watching someone’s story and feeling inspired to dig deep? Soon you’ll spot ‘See More’ Links at the bottom of stories. A test phase is taking place that let’s verified accounts add links making it easier for their followers to learn more. Discover newly released music or read a related article just tap ‘See More’ and swipe the app up, there you can view the link right inside.

Want to learn more about these Instagram updates? Click Here to view our Contact Page, a great place to schedule a complimentary consultation with Silver Light Media to discuss any of your social media, branding, or publicity needs. We offer consulting, training, and account management.

New to Instagram Stories? I’ve captured screenshots below of our views for insight into the numbers you could be gaining by using the feature. Call 208.284.5570 to learn how to be more influential to your audience with a custom Instagram Strategy.

Love & Light

Aryonna Richard

IG: @aryonnarichard

TW: @aryonnarichard


Making his mark in Denver’s electronic music melting pot, Late Night Radio is earning dedicated fans through his experimental production techniques and an unparalleled dedication to the craft. Alex Medellin, the visionary behind Late Night Radio put in his time in the industry. He came up in Texas and California, but his ascension in the Colorado scene speaks to his originality. (Photo courtesy of Late Night Radio’s Facebook Page)

Check “Find The Love” (ft. Borahm Lee) below to listen to his latest track released via Soundcloud.

Russ Liquid detonates explosive beats, seamlessly adding instrumental emotion; while drawing from a diverse musical scope. Russell Scott is developing a reputation for radiating genre-bending drops, captivating audiences with his performances. Recently, he’s taken his sets to some of the most innovative music events and festivals including Coachella Music Festival, Electric Forest, Northcoast Music Festival, Snowglobe Music Festival, and Shambhala.

Listen to “Land of the Free (Feat Mr. Lif)” for a preview of what to expect during his set. 

Adding to this SICK lineup, Flamingosis and Statik get to the venue early so you don’t miss these talented performers. Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 8:30pm!

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Love & Light

Aryonna Richard

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To celebrate SoDown dropping “A Different Path” a new EP featuring collaborations with DeFunk, TruFeelz and Homemade Spaceship he played a SOLD OUT show at The Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado on October 27, 2016! 

Check the mix by CLICKING HERE and get ready for our event recap featuring photography by Jeff Balmes! 

Ehren Wright the saxophonist, producer, and visionary behind SoDown dropped that funky bass music and songs from his new EP. The crowd went nuts getting rowdy at moments in the packed venue. What an epic night!

In support was Paul Basic, Tortuga, The Orcastrator, and TruFeelz creating a lineup of true Colorado style music! You know being a part of Pretty Light Label that Paul Basic brought the party vibes getting the audience pumped before SoDown took the stage.

Our homies Tortuga throw down classics like “Pulse”, “Blind Love” and “Until The Lights Break” along with unreleased music you had to be at the event to see. Always love hearing Ryan Mahrer rip the guitar. Tyler Arndt brought his dope production techniques and the duo had the crowd getting down to their funky beats.

Check the awesome photos below to relive the action if you attended or to see what you missed 😉

Listen to the group’s newest release “Color Of My Soul (Tortuga x Pretty Lights)” for a sick track you’ll want to play again and again.

We caught up with Tortuga after the show to ask a few questions. Read the interview:

Aryonna Richard: How would you describe the energy in The Bluebird Theater as you guys took the stage for the second time at the historic venue? 

Tortuga: The energy was really high. People were very responsive and engaging throughout the entire performance. The Bluebird is an amazing venue and the staff on sight were on point. Everyone was awesome to work with and we couldn’t have been happier with how the night went. Thanks to SoDown for having us out. 

AR: What was the highlight of your set?

Tortuga:  We’re not sure if there was one specific “highlight.” The entire performance was an amazing experience. But if we had to choose – during our last song, we each threw on a Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton mask and partied for a little bit, then threw them into the crowd. Not sure if the people saw that coming, but they seemed to enjoy it and responded well. Overall the entire set was an incredible experience and we’re thankful for anyone who came out to support any of the artists that night. 


Can’t wait for your next chance to see Tortuga? They will be hitting the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, November, 12 with K Theory, Slugged Up, and Queen Beats. Doors open at 8pm!

Thanks to Ryan MahrerTyler Arndt, and AEG Live Rocky Mountains for having us out; we had an awesome time. Shout out again to Jeff Balmes for shooting photos for Silver Light Media. 

Love & Light

Aryonna Richard

IG: @aryonnarichard

TW: @aryonnarichard

We’ve all heard it; you must BE your brand but what does that mean? In today’s business landscape where nearly everyone is trying to sculpt a persona that resonates with an online audience, we can’t forget about the power of images and the voice they possess. As a writer, I’ve found myself meticulously playing with word choice; redrafting sentences and endlessly worrying about which synonym to choose. I’ve only more recently discovered the power of images, graphics, and visual branding; all I can say is I’m now obsessed.

Growing up as a camera shy girl who cried during Christmas, Easter, and family reunion photos I would previously find ways to sneak out of the shots. Unfortunately being a pro at hiding wasn’t helping my role as a business owner or online media professional. I was covering my bases and sharing things that inspire me like mountains, trees, flowers; but I wasn’t sharing the essence of who I am. Sharing one’s essence is the “magic” in social marketing that unfathomable characteristic that makes videos trend, internet sensations, and messages ignite.

Capturing this essence is another conversation. How do you VISUALIZE your personality and turn it into a social strategy? That is the million dollar marketing question. There’s no one-word answer,  one-sentence, or one-paragraph answer. The secret is collaborating with others who can ignite your vision and unearth your essence.

If your content strategy doesn’t resonate with you who can you expect to help anyone with your products or services? At Silver Light Media we create custom social marketing strategies that spark emotion, tell a story, and visually brand your business.

We are excited to announce we’ve partnered with Nathan Lopez of Nathan Lopez Photography to expand our visual branding services. Learn more by reading what he has to say on the topics of head shots, professional portraits, and promotional photography.

“While I can create very tradition headshots and executive portraits, I am also able to work with clients to shoot on location wherever that may be to create a story not only of their role but also incorporate their personality and part of their career/job/passion. Marketing and promotional photography involve a pre-shoot consultation.  A chance to get to know the client, and not just what they want but also what they are trying to say and create a very clear image and piece of work that conveys my client’s vision. I try to work as simple and efficiently as possible to make sure that client needs are met.” 


Do your professional headshots and profile pictures capture your essence? If not, discover what they could say with a FREE CONSULTATION by CLICKING HERE. View the stunning photos from our collaborate photoshoot in the RiNo Art District of Denver. 

CLICK HERE to visit his website, or read my interview with the visual storyteller, here.

Learn about the Social Media services we provide at Silver Light Media, CLICK HERE! 

Love & Light

Aryonna Richard

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