Why you should be SMART about HOW you use social media for business.

Social media provides an innovative platform to brand your service or product in a creative manner to a niche audience. An effective social strategy integrates viral marketing with word of mouth and heavily relies on family, friends, co-workers, followers, and influencers to share the message with other friends, family, co-workers, followers, and influencers. You never know what a series of connections can conspire to create.

Today, it is no longer necessary to be on every form of social media due to the number of platforms from Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram, LinkedIn and even Snapchat the energy spent attempting to maintain every relevant channel could frazzle your enthusiasm.  Instead, you need to decide which platform(s) work best for your goals and that you can utilize effectively.

At Silver Light, we believe in making social work for you by specializing in custom, branded content creation and community engagement.

Is your patience running low or are you having difficulties keeping up with your social media presence? I would love to help you create a custom strategy that resonates with your online audience.

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