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To me, the idea of traditional camping never honestly sounded like a way to ‘get away,’ it wasn’t until I discovered car camping that I could even make it through an evening in the woods feeling safe and comfortable enough to sleep through the night. I love the picturesque views one can only find while relaxing in a campsite surrounded by an aspen grove or redwood forest but, personally, long for the modern amenities during those precious vacation days.

Until I discovered one of the hottest trends for Summer 2018, glamping, it’s not camping; it’s elevated outdoor living. Since exploring more of California there are few places that call to my spirit like Big Sur. So when the opportunity to tour Ventana Big Sur operated by Alila a company voted No. 4 Hotel Brand in Travel + Leisure’s 2017 World’s Best Awards I jumped at the opportunity. Ventana is personally the most stunning resort I’ve had the chance to tour and that’s why I’m counting down the reasons why you have to visit. Continue reading to learn my Top 5 Reasons to Experience Glamping at Ventana in 2018.

5. Access To Hotel Amenities

If you’ve ever spent more than twenty-four hours outdoors, then you know how amazing a steamy shower feels after a weekend hiking through the trees. Ventana Big Sur has upped this experience by giving glamping guests the access to the resort’s full spa amenities. Simply pay the additional resort fee, and you will have access to Spa Alila, the Social House, hotel pools and the fitness center. What could be better than a night by the campfire followed by a morning massage and then an afternoon swim that overlooks the Pacific Ocean?


4. The Campsite Amenities

How does arriving at a campsite with cozy heated blankets, lamps and power outlets with USB ports for charging your cell phone and other devices, and a basket with a s’mores kit, a cutting board, cheese knife, bottle opener and wine glasses? Everything you need to take in a secluded outdoor evening in luxury is right at your fingertips from the moment you arrive. At Ventana Big Sur you don’t have to plan supplies or sacrifice comfort. Let them do the planning and arrive ready to relax.  

3. Housekeeping Service Is Included with the Glampsite

Glampsites feature daily housekeeping service, morning coffee, access to custom-curated picnic baskets and other world-class amenities. Who says you can’t bask in resort-style comforts while surrounded by massive Redwood and Sequoia trees while being only feet from the ocean? You can only at Ventana in the heart of Big Sur one of the most-visited travel destinations in all of California.

2. The Glamping Bath House 

Providing enclosed showers, heated floors, full hotel amenities, marble vanities and spotless restroom facilities. The glamping bathhouse is like no outdoor restroom facility you have ever experienced before visiting Ventana. When thinking back to times camping as a child if we were lucky there would be dirty outhouse filled with bugs. Remeber, this is glamping and ladies you can even enjoy using a hair dryer in the glamping Bath House where they are provided for guests.

1. Ventana Big Sur Wilderness 

Being a tree lover myself I always heard of the majesty of Redwoods but it wasn’t until visiting the coast of California that I truly experienced the magnitude of their beauty. Fire can’t even destroy these trees that cover the property of Ventana Big Sur. You can go from enjoying spa amenities to hiking a private trail of Redwoods all while your bungalow of essentials waits for your return.










On Thursday, January 11, 2018, I went out for a night that I knew would include fondue in Carmel, California but I never imagined would evolve into a community experience filled with laughter, dancing, and traditional European-style dining in central California.

If you are a fan of dipping or new to fondue, continue reading to learn about this dining destination. Founded twenty-three years ago by Nargis Lengacher and her late husband Chef Andre. This family-style Swiss fondue restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea has pioneered a legacy-making a unique impression in the hearts of locals and visitors. Every guest was personally greeted by the owner, herself, who even joined the musicians to accompany the melodies.

Located in the Barnyard Shopping Village a beautiful center for restaurants and shops located outside of downtown Carmel for those who want to avoid the struggle of parking while taking advantage of the convenience of being located off Highway 1 on the way to Big Sur. You will find Lugano Swiss Bistro under the windmill amidst the lush botanicals. Walk through the heated outdoor patio and into a piece of Switzerland the bistro has an intimate European-style atmosphere. A hidden gem filled with colorful murals reminiscent of historical Lugano.

If you are looking for the ultimate fondue dining experience in the Monterey Bay, you need to make reservations for a Thursday evening when you can enjoy live music with your meal. I listened to music from Mike Marotta and Oracio during an evening that was also a fundraiser supporting the Big Sur Health Center where 25% of food, beer, and wine sales were donated.

To start, I had the Swiss Original Cheese Fondue featuring Gruyere, Emmenthaler, and Appenzeller Cheese. All cheese fondue is served with salad, dipping bread, vegetables, and apples. Enjoy beer and wine when you dine at Lugano Swiss Bistro. For the main course, I had Pork Jager Schnitzel topped with mushrooms, demi sauce, spatzli and red cabbage.








As the evening proceeded so did the music and the dancing, at one point the crowd overtook the dance floor for the ‘Chicken Dance.’ A sense of community flowing through the restaurant as family, friends, and strangers joined together for a spectacle I have yet to see at another restaurant.

Whether you are visiting California from Europe, New York, Colorado, or within the state from areas like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or San Fransisco an evening at Lugano Swiss Bistro is the only place where old world charm can be found just miles from the Pacific Ocean.


As a full-time social media strategist and SEO blogger, I spend the majority of the day immersed in virtual communities. I am the online “face” of eight companies from across the country in a variety of states and cities from Texas to Colorado, and along the central coast of California.

I believe in the power of social media and how this innovative platform can be used for more than building a following or increasing sales. The power of social media lies in the connection you can create with someone whether they are a block, a state, or several continents away. When working with any of my clients, I stress the difference between working with Silver Light Media as opposed to other public relations firms is my insistence on Creating Inspired Connections.

Many people don’t know that I started Silver Light while enrolled as a full-time college student at Boise State University. I had a limited budget and minimal amount of time to dedicate to the marketing of my business. After graduating from college in May of 2014, I had time to start thinking about my marketing efforts like I never had before while I was enrolled in college.

I relocated from Boise, Idaho to Denver, Colorado and wanted to connect with new people through social media as well as in-person. During this time having people submit photos to a hashtag on Instagram was a somewhat new practice that was taking off. I decided I wanted to have a hashtag for my business that would be inviting enough for others to submit photos to it as well.

Crafting A Hashtag

If you are using social media for your business and don’t already have one, I invite you to consider crafting a hashtag for linking and community-building purposes. In case you don’t know the purpose of a hashtag is to link related content together for search purposes. Being aware of its use you can see how having a hashtag specifically for your business can help with user-generated content creation. Whenever I start working with one of my clients on a social marketing campaign, I always add in user-generated content if it is applicable because it is highly efficient and easy to generate if you take strategic steps, first. I will save those steps for my next post, but I will share a little more from my brainstorming session.

Many businesses use their company name as a hashtag. I thought about and often do use #silverlightmedia as a hashtag on some of my social media posts. The only problem with this hashtag was for me; it didn’t give anyone a reason to use it. So I started to think of ways to tie my business name to some action or feeling that other people could associate with when posting their photos.

Since my company tagline is Creating Inspired Connections, I pulled from my rhetoric. I’ve always loved the word inspire and its derivatives. To me, the word reflects positive emotions that captivate us to feel something. I began to think of how I could combine “Silver Light” and “Inspire” since I knew all the words, together, would be too long, so I took the first letter from each word “S” and “L” with the plural “Inspires.” It wasn’t my first instinct to use a character but the look of the tag “#SL_Inspires” seemed more ecstatically pleasing than “#SLINSPIRES.” I typed the tag into Instagram and found out no one had used it. My new hashtag and one of my smartest branding moves I’ve ever made for my business finally manifested.

Building A Social Media Community

I will be the first to admit the first month starting any content strategy campaign is TOUGH. Mentally prepare yourself if you are ready to take the leap. Social media platforms are hindering organic reach more each day so be prepared to revise your strategies if needed and don’t give up be consistent in your posting, especially during the initial stages of starting a new platform.

When starting my hashtag, I had seen countless of other posts that I was using as an example. It seemed easy, “Use this hashtag on your post for a chance to be featured.” Seemed to be the general breakdown of what every photo sharing platform was emphasizing, the trouble is how do you know when people are going to start submitting to that hashtag? If you are persistent, probably sooner than you think, I started using it on my posts and including a call to action at the end. One day I checked my #SL_Inspires hashtag and was excited to see another user had used the tag.

My First Tagger – Jacque B from Pagosa Springs, Colorado

If you are looking to build a hashtag interacting with the first few people that engage is critical. I was ecstatic the day Jacque B – @jacquebblackie on Instagram used my #SL_Inspires tag. Jacque B was the first person to use it apart from myself. I immediately shared her photo to my following thanking her with credit. When you are in the beginning stages, make sure to give as much praise as possible.

You never know if you say something the person likes they could “Regram” the photo sharing it with their followers in turn, or at least you will get the person engaged enough to use the tag again. This stage is where community building starts. If you are looking to build not simply a following but a “virtual community” you MUST be willing to be as active in that community as possible. After, Jacque B’s feature more users started to use my #SL_Inspires hashtag. My community grew with photographers taking gorgeous landscape shots and sunset captures.

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Electric Forest is a two-weekend art, music, and camping festival in Rothbury, Michigan.

This year, this festival makes an expansion to two weekends. Renowned as one of the most unique and intimate large-scale festival experiences in the world, this event pushes the boundaries of the imagination with jawdropping art at its heart in the legendary Sherwood Forest. The 2017 festival takes place June 22-25, and June 29 – July 3.

Tickets for the First Weekend are SOLD OUT, while GA Tickets, as well as many VIP experiences for the Second Weekend, are still on sale.


View the FULL 2017 Lineup 


The Second Weekend will be packed full of classic Forest goodness – from the only opportunity to view the legendary String Cheese Incident Saturday Night Shebang, to Group Camping with open availability for new groups, and a great selection of VIP experiences still available!

Explore Wristband & Lodging Options

Once Upon The Forest, you’ll find yourself immersed in music, open to discovery, and experiencing collaborations beyond your dreams~


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Bonobo’s global Migration Tour started in North America on Wednesday, April 12th, just a few days before Coachella, at The Fox Oakland. This was his first live performance since 2014 when he toured after producing his album, The North Borders. Since then the Bay Area has been a special place for producer and musician, Simon Green, with several DJ sets a year, and most recently, a NYE show at The Midway SF.

This show was to be my fourth time seeing Bonobo with each performance prior being a DJ set. Green’s sets are often long, elaborate constructions and deconstructions of beats and sounds. Both shows I attended in San Francisco were three hours of music. Green has a talent for leading the audience along a sonic pathway using heavy bass, musical notes, and a scattering of sounds, all while sampling music from across the globe.

The live portion of Bonobo’s music includes a band of seven with guitar, keys, brass section, drums, and Green on bass. Vocalist Szjerdene performed alongside singing for tracks such as Break Apart, No Reason, Surface, and Transits. The presentation of the band was subdued with each member placed in line with one another across the stage. Szjerdene stood in front looking elegant in a blue dress. Green stood on a slightly raised platform as he directed the night’s performance.

The show opened with the title track Migration, a slow melodic entry for the night, and shifted upbeat to 7th Sevens. The guitar playing over this track tantalized the audience, hinting at what was to come for the live show. Over the course of the song Szjerdene walked on stage and performed Break Apart, her vocals laying softly over the band’s music. The atmosphere immediately opened up as the beginning notes to The North Borders Kierra sent the audience into a frenzy.

Visuals for Bonobo’s tour were designed by Strangeloop, graphic designer David Wexler. Mr. Wexler has worked on various set designs for artists such as Flying Lotus and Skrillex. Bonobo’s visuals had a deeply mysterious feel as the perspective flew the audience over otherworldly landscapes. Floating pillars of light interlaced the landscapes transforming into psychedelic patterns and movements.

Bonobo’s performance lasted just under two hours. The night stretched on as Green led us in with tracks from Migration, The North Borders, and a few I’ll leave as a surprise for those waiting to see him live. The show itself was well thought out and nicely produced. There wasn’t a point where the energy dropped or lingered. The audience was closely attentive responding to the band’s energy and returning in kind. After the band walked off the stage the crowd cheered for a solid 5 minutes before Green and company returned for a three song encore.

The Migration tour is still in full swing. With Coachella completed Bonobo is about to embark across the US and Canada. On Friday, May 12th, Bonobo will perform at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater along with special guest Nick Murphy, aka Chet Faker during an event presented by AEG Live Presents Colorado readers are heavily encouraged to attend this incredible production. Bonobo is playing at the top of his game.  

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It was Saint Patrick’s Day. Everywhere you looked people were wearing shades of green.

The evening sunlight was beginning to fade and the sky darken to a blue-purple. I too was wearing green, however it wasn’t just for the holiday. My reasons were far more musically inclined. Tonight I was ready to get funky with the band Lettuce

Lettuce is a band of many talented musicians. The eight member band is comprised of drummer Adam Deitch (Break Science), guitarists Adam Smirnoff and Eric Krasno (Soulive), bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes, keyboardist Neal Evans, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis, and trumpet players Eric Bloom (Sonic Bloom, and performed with Pretty Lights Analog Future Band) and Rashawn Ross. What happens up on stage when these musicians start performing is a sight to witness.

Lettuce embarked on their Mt. Crushmore Tour with a 2 night run at Brooklyn Bowl in NYC on January 3rd & 4th.

They worked their way west through February and landed on the west coast in early March. The Floozies and Russ Liquid Test joined Lettuce on stage at the Fox Theater – Oakland, a special celebration of funk and experimental electronic bands.

The night opened with Russ Liquid Test blasting basslines interlaced with production and brass from Russell Scott, guitarist Andrew Block, and drummer Deven Trusclair. An extended set break led to The Floozies sending us into a frenzy with guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill grooving along building the night’s energy. Before I knew it the Fox was lit with lasers arcing across the ceiling and mezzanine. Cheers broke out and the party was only beginning.

I’d like to give a set list, or even talk about a few of the songs that Lettuce played during their set, however the energy of the night carried me away and led to an outpouring of dance moves and connecting with strangers. Fans of Lettuce know the experience: Deitch starts laying out a beat and Coomes strums along. Bloom and Zoidis blast away with their brass and the energy builds as a sonic explosion of guitars and keyboard zip in static focus. It’s magic what these guys do up on stage. Their energy is infectious.

The set went on well into the night, lasting over 80 minutes as build up onto build up moved the crowd along. Occasionally I’d look around and see nothing but smiling faces and hands up in the air. I relocated a few times as the crowd seemed to only push towards the front, eager to catch more of the funk. The dance floor was packed and felt like any sold out show I’ve been to at the Fox.

Lettuce will be returning to the Red Rocks Amphitheater with their 2nd annual Rage Rocks show on May 13, 2017.

Supporting acts include Ghostface Killah, George Porter Jr, Cyril Neville, Turkuaz, The Russ Liquid Test, J Rocc, and more.

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