Solve your Pay-Per-Click advertising and paid media campaign needs with our services.

Go beyond boosted Facebook posts and outdated clickbait. With Silver Light Media, you’ll enter a reality where your advertising on social media platforms like Instagram and search engines like Google creates a measurable return on investment for your company by following a plan tailored to your needs and industry.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is an online model in which an advertiser pays for each click on an online ad. Paid search ads are one of the most common types of PPC.

Did you know Google is typically one of the first places customers go to learn more about a product or service?!

When customers search for a particular product or service, there is typically already an intention to buy. Intent to buy is why search pay-per-click advertising generally has a higher conversion rate than other forms.

At Silver Light Media, we take a realistic and holistic approach to paid media and PPC by integrating these services with your overall marketing strategy.

We don’t believe paid media is separate; instead, we see these services as pieces of the puzzle that must fit together to create an entire picture. We align each piece together to create a custom solution for every client. Unlike other public relations firms, we do not believe in inflated rates and unrealistic budgets.

When you hire Silver Light to manage your paid media campaigns you will SAVE money, time, and energy.

Read what one customer had to say below!

“Time and time again, paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth have been our best tool for both gaining students and brand recognition. Services from Silver Light Media are affordable and effective. We have had some reasons to do print advertising, where a single 1/4 page ad costs upwards of $300. For sure impractical on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, as the only teacher of 70 students over the past six months, I must delegate wherever possible. Having Aryonna’s help has been indispensable. One example, Review Giveaways. We’re in our second round now, and I just had a new registrant say, ‘I was researching classes for my 18-month-old and was just so impressed by everything I saw online and your reviews; I can’t wait to start. These resources have given our business a jump-start at an amazing value. Before opening, my husband and I had a private training business operating out of our house. The time and energy we put into ineffective marketing was killer. We are so so grateful to feel like families are efficiently finding us and are loving it!” ~Katie


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