Canva is a graphic design and workflow platform ideal for entrepreneurs, brands, and franchises. The system allows companies to create templates, collaborate on documents, and manage their brand across multiple team members.

Silver Light specializes in helping companies create, manage, and expand their Canva workflow to easily share beautiful, branded social media, web, and print designs. We have all of your needs covered, from setting up Canva Brand Kits to custom training guides, webinars, or creating yearly content calendars.

Our Canva Content Calendars are the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their social media content strategy. Designs are easily sized for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Your company will become a social media powerhouse with a custom calendar designed to build upon year after year as your vision grows.

Benefits of a Content Calendar


An effective online marketing campaign involves more than scribbling random dates down on a piece of paper. Great ideas are also likely to drift away without an organizational system. A Content Calendar will give you a holistic perspective of your marketing strategy so you can easily align topics with social and email campaigns.


When organizing content topics with your team, chances are you will outline ideas and then surges of creativity will hit at unexpected times. With a working Content Calendar team members will have a place to organize ideas so you can select the best topics for your brand and reserve others for later use. By analyzing and monitoring your audience’s engagement and feedback, you’ll gain insights into their preferences which you can use to adjust content accordingly.


Consistency, consistency, consistency is key. The secret to being on your audience’s radar is offering relevant, educational, and entertaining content day after day. Irregular posting leads to an out-of-sight-out-of-mind scenario.


Sometimes winging it works, but not in the long run. When you’re rushing to publish something, you might make an unnecessary typo or fail to check if it’s a repetitive topic. Similarly, random topics that don’t resonate with your audience also decrease engagement. A well-planned Content Calendar allows you to spot most blunders, so you only publish new and relevant content.

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