Social Media Days, Holidays & Themes for May 2022

It’s May, one of my favorite months of the year. You can truly feel the energy of spring this month with flowers blooming and lots of sunshine. It’s also one of my favorite months to create content, and if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’ll see many #FlowerFriday days when I see flowers; I can’t seem to resist taking a photo!

If you’re looking for ideas I’m here to help you fill your calendar with creative content. Below I have a list of trending social media days. You can use days and themes relevant to your industry to help you build a consistent digital marketing strategy for your business or brand. 

Monthly Themes: 

  • Asian American Month.
  • Lupus Awareness Month.
  • Family Wellness Month.
  • National Barbecue Month.
  • National Canine Fitness Month.
  • National Autism Awareness Month 

May 1st – International Workers Day


May 3rd – World Asthma Day


May 4th – Star Wars Day


Thank a Teacher Day


May 5th – Cinco de Mayo


May 6th – National Beverage Day


National Nurses Day


May 7th – Space Day


National Herb Day


May 8th – Mother’s Day


May 10th – National Shrimp Day


May 15th – International Day of Families


May 16th – Love a Tree Day


National Mimosa Day


May 18th – International Museum Day


May 21st – National Waitstaff Day


World Whisky Day


May 28th – National Hamburger Day


May 30th – Memorial Day



As you can see his month is packed with Social Media Days, Holidays and Themes! You’ll have no shortage of content to share if you add these to your calendar, service offerings, events, and anything else relevant to your business or brand. 

Need additional support?

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